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“My goal is to raise the consciousness level of world leaders to create a ripple effect that changes the world.”

- Sean Hansen      


Where are you tuned in, awake and mindful of the impact that you have on this planet? How are you making the world better? How are you making your relationships better? How are you impacting the people around you? How are you impacting humanity? Average people don’t need coaches; top leaders with a paramount vision to serve the world and the standard to follow through, do.



One cannot have genuine growth, genuine connection and therefore, genuine success without the willingness to be vulnerable. And sharing our own vulnerability takes tremendous courage. It requires a deep commitment to authentic self and the integrity to hold that line. If you are ready to go there, Reload Coaching has your back.  



Are you disciplined or flexible in doing what others appreciate? Are you disciplined or flexible doing what matters? In the process of both, are you maximizing your purpose? And, do you know the difference? There is an inherent contradiction and ever-changing balance required to create fulfillment in life. It’s not just about checking the boxes; it’s about feeding your soul.  


"Before starting our work together, I thought my life was fine. I simply accepted that stress and anxiety were the price of admission if I wanted to experience a life of high performance, achievement, and even perfection. I had not explored options for a better way of living or being because I didn’t think it applied to me. Coaching has helped me believe – mind, body, and soul – that I am enough. This realization is the driver behind embracing my history and character as I continue to discover my authentic self to craft the life I want to have."


- Cara R., US Technical Services Manager   

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