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Reload Coaching is unconventional.


Human beings are not single-sided, obvious or stagnant. We are not meant to be stuck in holding patterns, hiding behind the illusion of rigidity, formality or perceived limitations. We are not conventional.


Rather, we are dynamic, multi-faceted and perfectly complex by nature. As irreplaceable, inimitable individuals, we are each uniquely designed to create, to inspire, to share and to use our deepest gifts to impact the greater good.


And, a dynamic entity demands a dynamic, unconventional process. 


Coaching the obvious isn’t the goal. Coaching the blind spots is what creates a life trajectory that exceeds imagination and leaves a lasting legacy.


Reload Coaching accelerates performance and success by switching on your higher standard and providing unflappable support in your journey there. By breaking patterns you didn’t know you had and challenging unexpressed parts of self, Sean helps you discover yourself living your highest quality of life and beyond.


"Time and again, I walk away from our sessions feeling like I have either transformed, or will be transforming, once I integrate what we spoke about and worked through. I truly admire the consistent energy, consciousness, and insight that you bring to every session. I look forward to our sessions, and always leave them feeling like something powerful and incredible just happened."

- Omri A., VP Corporate Development   



As both a combat veteran and licensed attorney, Sean is not your typical coach. His diverse background equips him with a rare mental and emotional toughness that is uncompromising in holding you to the standard you want for yourself.


By combining an acumen for success with both the art of fulfillment and steadfast discipline, he has the ability to help clients create unexpected results. Whether you are looking to create a major transformation or to simply manage your time better, Sean has the knowledge and experience to get you there.


Over the past two decades, he’s been surrounded by top performers in both the military and corporate worlds and worked extensively with senior leaders. He knows what it takes to create an impact in the workforce, and even more importantly, he knows what it takes to make your unique impact in the world. 


When working with Sean, there are no taboo topics; nothing is off limits. In fact, he is not willing to settle for the superficial. Through deep relationships that cover the full spectrum of one’s life, he’s dedicated to maximizing both the known and unknown expressions of you.

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